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[A Message to Department of Mass Communication]


All I ever wanted was Law but as fate has it, I got Mass Communication. A course I knew nothing about until my name appeared on the list. I would say am in Department of Mass Communication by omission

My first week in school wasn’t so eventful as I tried to adapt to the environment with new faces all over the place, most looking friendly and others looking even more friendly.

The following week got more busy; our academic adviser, a beautiful friendly young looking woman introduced herself as Dr. Ohaja. She has a British ascent and before long won the heart of all with her creative catchy way of demonstrating while speaking. I would say she has a Ph.D in smiling. I remember vividly PATHO VICKY’ one among the few friends I met told me “she will start speaking, smiling and behaving like Dr. Ohaja soon”

The third week was not different as that’s when our orientation kicked off proper. Our departmental president came with his entourage to familiarize us with what he termed “The Practical Arm of Mass Communication

Of the greatest Jacksonites“, the great; we shouted back (we figured out the reply anyways). “Of the greatest Gba Gba”, no reply came forth (the gba gba sounded a bit strange). He grinned and continued, don’t worry soon you will be acclimated to the slangs and jargons associated with department of Mass Communication.

I and my subordinates are here to take you on a tour to Lion TV and Lion FM studios, brief you on The Jacksonites Printing press, The Jacksonites Computer Room and we will also enlighten you about “The Impact” (a weekly publication produced by department of mass communication to inform and educate University of Nigeria students and beyond), “The Jacksonite and The Record” (Magazine and Newspaper) produced yearly to give a special coverage on convocation of both undergraduates & postgraduates and “The Impact Online” (an online daily news stand that reports extensively about happenings in University of Nigeria).

I want you to understand its our duty as journalists to question, inform, educate and serve as the watchdogs in this great institution.

We may not succeed in telling people what to think all the time but we can tell them what to think about. The media is a weapon we have at our disposal that others don’t have.

Our department arguably is the most populous in faculty of Arts but unlike other departments who their strength lies in their numbers, ours lies in our mastery of the media.

A student of this department is respected out there because we report happenings in this school, we have succeeded in raising the moral consciousness of University of Nigerian students and at such, I want you to pride yourself as a Jacksonite.

In this noble department, politics is an individual thing and this is because for you to be a good observer, you don’t need to be part of what you are observing. “Our first obligation as journalists is to the truth and our loyalty is to the people

University of Nigerian students are relying on us as journalists to be objective in their reasoning on who to vote for. Before now, the politics of proximity and interests was the order of the day but we, through the Media dismantled this erroneous phenomenon.

I want you to understand that any day you lose your voice (power) which is tantamount to media, you will lose your relevance irrespective of your numbers.

Very soon, we will divide you into groups and have you practice regularly for those who wants to major on TV presenting, advertising, Anchoring programs etc.

For those who are interested in writing, I want to assure you that we will guide and ensure your works are published in The Jacksonites printing press.

To people out there, Mass communication is just a discipline but to us it’s a way of life.

At this juncture, I want to welcome you once again to the Jacksonites’ family.

It took almost half an hour to calm and restore order in faculty of Arts hall where this orientation took place amid boisterous earth shattering applause.

I grinned and whispered to J.PBen (another friend of mine), “I think am in mass communication by omission and by commission. We are proud Jacksonites he replied.

Proud Jacksonites“, the best dream Jacksonites never had.

Written by: C. Daiv

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