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[My Take on MACSA Decides]

I never wanted to write about the aftermath of MACSA decides because of the tension my earlier write ups generated.

“I am the variable when it comes to truth… Truth will always remain constant”

I am doing this piece with full consciousness of my cognitive activities.. So to say, I am not under any influence, either by human or stimulants.

In this piece I will be discussing;

1. The transparency of MACSA decides

2. The credibility of MACSA decides

3. Interviews with; An Agent (BOBBY from Room 206), Participant (ANONYMOUS from Room 106) and STEVE (INCUMBENT MACSA PRO)


I want to state as a participant and an independent observer (since I am neither an agent nor a candidate) that the just concluded MACSA decides was transparent, free and fair.There were no form of intimidation.

I walked into the venue to cast my votes and met Agents who’s eyes were glued to the ballot boxes.. There aim is to protect the interest of their candidates.

I was given ballot papers containing seven contestable positions, names of candidates and a box to indicate my choice of candidates.

A glance at the ballot papers explains all i needed to know in order to cast my votes. I ticked against my choice of candidates on the ballot papers and dropped them in the boxes reserved for it.

Ballot papers were prearranged and given to voters at the entrance by a member of MACSECO. So voters did not decide which position to vote for or which one not to vote for.

After exercising my franchise, I left the hall knowing fully well that ELIJAH OMOGU kept his promise of conducting a free and transparent election.


Credibility in this context, refers to the outcome of the of MACSA decides.

Below are details of results I obtained from an agent…


347 + 37 + 2 (invalid votes)

Total = 386


211 + 175 + 2 (invalid votes)

Total = 388


330 + 57 + 11 (invalide votes)

Total = 398

The above details are results from President, V.P and D.O.S respectively..

There are differences across the results of various positions that were contested for. This poses a lot of questions thus questioning the credibility of the outcome of MACSA election.

Interviews with; An Agent (BOBBY), Participant (ANONYMOUS) and STEVE (INCUMBENT MACSA PRO)

Interview with Anonymous (From room 106)

C. Daiv: What do you think about the just concluded MACSA election?

Anonymous: Well, the election was peaceful. And I believe it was free and fair.

C. Daiv: Do you think the results are credible?

Anonymous: Yes. Because most of the winners were already clear even before the election. Like the president elect for example.

C. Daiv: What do you think about the result not corresponding.. I mean the totals when calculated?

Anonymous: Hmmmmm. I didn’t know about that.

C. Daiv: Thank you for your time

Interview with BOBBY (From Room 206)


C. Daiv: What do you think about the just concluded MACSA election?

Bobby: Well..I tagged it the most transparent election in UNN. It was hitch free and totally free and fair

C. Daiv: Do you think the results are credible?

Bobby: Of course, even if at a point we had a couple of invalid votes. I can confidently say the results were credible, practically the most credible since the inception and emergence of MACSA

C. Daiv: You were around all through the process?

Bobby: Yes. I was an agent for Vice Presidential candidate GODWIN GRACE CHINYERE so I had to be in there observing the process, from the voting all the way to the announcement of the results

C. Daiv: Were voters allowed to select ballot papers by themselves?

Bobby: No, the MACSECO officials handled that in order to make sure no one collected more than one of each.

C. Daiv: That’s to say.. Voters were given ballot papers according to the number of candidates?

Bobby: Not according to the number of candidate but the number of positions.  We had seven positions being contested for  President, Vice President, Secretary General, Director Of Welfare, Director of Games, Director of Socials and Financial Secretary. So each voter was given seven ballot papers with the names of the candidates inscribed on them

C. Daiv: So all the candidates actually voted.. No one returned or left with any ballot papers?

Bobby: No one left with any ballot paper. The agents were completely alert and observant, they made sure the MACSECO officials controlled the rowdiness in the polling unit

C. Daiv: How many people participated in the just concluded election?

Bobby: Roughly 383 voters. The 100L Jacksonites didn’t come out en masse , we had more voters from the 2nd year class and the 3rd year class

C. Daiv: Why is it there’s no uniform total number of voters across the various positions on the result sheet?

Bobby: Like I said before, we had invalid voters, we also had people who didn’t vote in some positions and this flaw came from the first years because they didn’t really know the proper way to vote

C. Daiv: On the result sheet.. Number of invalid votes were indicated. The sum of votes for both candidates with the invalid votes gives you 388 under VP, 387 under fin sec and 383 under D.O.G… Can you explain reason behind the differences?

Bobby: Ok..this issue came from the MACSECO officials, some people were mistakenly given extra ballot papers and I got to know about this as some of the voters returned the extra ballot papers they got.

C. Daiv: According to you, no body left with or returned any ballot paper.. How did they actually not vote in some positions?

Bobby: I said nobody left with the ballot papers..I didn’t say anything about people not returning ballot papers

C. Daiv: Maybe not all returned theirs.. What do you think?

Bobby: Maybe, there’s no electoral setting that’s devoid of miscreants. The important thing is that many of these miscreants were ratted out by the agents and MACSECO officials

C. Daiv: Thank you for your time

Interview with STEVE (Incumbent MACSA P.R.O)


C. Daiv: what do you think about the just concluded MACSA election?

Steve: It was 100% free and fair..and I’m speaking from the viewpoint of an agent who observed the credibility of the entire process. At a point, an independent observer from NANS also came in, his verdict also went in favour of the credibility of the elections

C. Daiv: In your own opinion, it was transparent and the results credible?

Steve: Exactly. Without any hitch. I believe that was also the general opinion of everyone who witnessed the process.

C. Daiv: How many people participated?

Steve: An estimated 391 students participated.

C. Daiv: Can you explain the reason behind the differences across the results?

Steve: Differences?

C. Daiv: Yes… For instance when you calculate votes from both candidates under president with the invalid votes it amounts to 386.. When you do same for D.O.G it gives you 398

Steve: Well the disparity showed up in every single position for which votes were cast.  If you look at the invalid votes for the DOG, you’ll notice it was the highest with 14 invalid votes and the DOS with 11 invalid votes… So its safe to assume from my perspective that the figures swayed based on the invalid votes gotten

C. Daiv: Thank you for your time

I would like to know your position.. Do you think the results are credible?

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