Addiction: Causes, Stages, Effects and Remedies

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Addiction is an unusually strong and harmful need to regularly do or have something. It can be either mental or emotional and as such is a psychosomatic sickness.

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Addict (verb) is to devote or surrender oneself to something habitually or obsessively while Addict (noun) is a person who likes or enjoys something very much and spends a large amount of time doing it.

It’s imperative to note that before one gets addicted to something, he or she first devotes or surrenders to that thing.


1. Low self-esteem Many ended up getting addicted to some substance as a result of low self esteem

2. Peer influence Friends influences us a lot. Many have been influenced into taking hard drugs, alcohol etc.

3. The quest to belong Some in a bid to measure up, took to alcohol, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine, tramadol, codeine etc

4. The search for inspiration Some individuals believes to be inspired by some substance. They get addicted to these substances in their quest for inspiration.

5. The quest for unlimited pleasures Some people have gone miles in search of pleasure. They enhance their body systems by taking harmful substances with the aim of attaining certain level of pleasure.

Addiction according to this piece has 5 stages which includes; 

1. The ideation stage

2. The habitual stage

3. The obsessive stage

4. The emotional stage

5. Psychosomatic stage

1. The ideation stage:

This stage is where the idea is conceived. You tend to see or think more about why you should start having or doing something. Your thoughts at this stage only focuses on what you want to achieve not the effects.

You tell yourself you will control the the intake or how often you act your new script.

2. The habitual stage:

After the thought is conceived in stage one, you connect it to reality in stage two. Here you start acting your thoughts just like a script.

At first all seems well, you get the feelings you desire. The more you act your script, the more you master the role you play in the said script. You keep going until it becomes a habit. This takes us to the next stage.

3. The obsessive stage At this stage;

The script you wrote in stage one, started acting and eventually mastered in stage two tend to master you in stage three. You become obsessed with it. It dominates a large portion of your cognitive domain.

At this stage, your script dictates for you; it decides how and where you act it. It gives you the impression you can’t live without acting it. Sometimes you find yourself acting it without your own consent when in public depending on your own script.

Other times you go to somewhere hidden in order to create a space to act your script. After sometimes you start thinking you’re possessed by a demon.. Yes you are but by your own demon. A demon you brought to life in stage one, devoted yourself to in stage two and surrendered yourself to in stage three. This ushers us into the next stage.

4. Emotional stage:

At this stage, you tend to become emotional. You feel bad for yourself. Sometimes you pity your poor self while acting or after acting your script. You want to stop but can’t help yourself.

You can’t even seek help from friends because you are ashamed of what you have become. A slave to your own script.

5. Psychosomatic stage;

It becomes obvious you’re sick. You start seeking help from people you trust. Those who believes in God starts requesting for prayers at this stage.

Advice from friends and prayers can’t dismantle the demon you assembled in stage one. Some may argue prayers can salvage addiction at this stage but prayers works with faith and faith without work is dead.

God can not do for your what you can do for yourself… That is why He is God – Rev. Ernest Abadi

This stage is critical. If not properly managed, the individuals involved might start having suicidal thoughts. They will be forced to accept they are good for nothing.


1. Health risks; Addiction damages body organs.

It amounts to drug/substance abuse.

A lady who is addicted to masturbation causes damages to her sexual organ thereby making it impossible to ever be pleased by a man when she finally settles down.

Men in the same vein damages their s3x organs, thereby causing them to either have a retarded ejaculation or ejaculate prematurely

2. It excludes one from reality; Addicts don’t play with their privacies.. They stay often on their own. They only find pleasure in what they are addicted to.

3. Loss of memory Addicts suffer memory loss. Especially those who engage in masturbation, drug abuse etc

4. It renders one’s cognitive domain dormant; the more you’re addicted to something is the more you think about it. All your thoughts are limited to what you are addicted to hence making you become cognitively impaired

5. It limits your reasoning capacity: All you think about revolves only around what you are addicted to

6. Fear You suddenly develop fear of what the future holds.

7. Suicidal thoughts When addiction gets to the critical stage, one will believe he or she is good for nothing. The individual also loses hope in God and in human and in some cases might commit suicide.


REMEDIES FOR ADDICTION Psychosomatic sicknesses can’t be healed by neither drugs nor prayers but by returning to stage one. You must uncreate the demon you created by rewriting the script you wrote through cognitive processes.

CHECK OUT: “OUR THOUGHTS; OUR GREATEST THREATS” by C. Daiv for an in dept knowledge on the role our thoughts play in our lives. 


1. Think more about the health risks you incur for yourself than the feelings (enjoyment) you get while engaging in what you’re addicted to.

2. Don’t stay alone if you can’t fight the urge.

3. Try as much as possible to always stay around positively minded individuals.

4. Get busy; go for a walk, visit new places, engage in your favorite games, read books (faith based books)

5. Think positive; build up the required superior positive thought needed to unseat the former negative thought.

6. Take a step; Write and paste on the walls and things around you the need to abstain from what you’re addicted to. Use wallpapers that will help on your phone.

Written by: C. Daiv

For the UNNwatchDogs In reaction to an SOS made on behalf of a student who’s addicted to caffeine. 

Note: This piece is subject to constructive criticisms.  Channel all criticisms, recommendations and contributions to the Author in order to establish commonness. Thank you.

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