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Understand the Challenge

We Are NOT Architects.   We are NOT Builders.  We Are NOT Contractors.  

All of these Entities offer "Construction Management" - but at who's expense and who's interests are their first concern? 

Ask yourself - If there are problems or concerns, Who's interest is this  Manager concerned with First?

Construction projects are often a costly and time consuming events. Steps, stages, phasing, time frames, costs and logistics all need to be understood and managed.

 Do you have the expertise or time to protect your interests? Bids, Plans, Submittals, pricing, change orders,  construction methods and techniques. 

Who helps you understand and identify best available options? 

The Watchdogz stands on your side.


Navigate the Nightmare

A Construction project is often a mosaic of different Pieces. They need to be set carefully and collectively to end up with the desire result.

Architects, Designers, Contractors, Engineers and Building Departments are just the beginning. Inspections, lead times, approvals, compliance, insurance all impact your budget and timeline. Putting them together is often a complicated and frustrating process,  The Watchdogz can help!


Protection for You

The Watchdogz are professional managers that stand by your side.

- We review bids, backgrounds, and past projects. 

- We identify options, standards and acceptable methods of construction.

- We dissect change orders and schedules so they make sense.

- We protect your goals and budgets.

- We stand as your protection against unnecessary costs and delays.

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